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"I would wholeheartedly recommend the clinic.  The treatment I received was sympathetic, professional, understanding and tailored to my specification.  I wanted to look younger but didn't want it to look obvious I had treatment.  Comments I have received from friends and family none of whom know I have had treatment has ranged from 'after your holiday you look ten years younger' to 'you look so relaxed and fresh'.  Thank you so much.  I actually feel younger.

- Sue V -



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Open Monday to Friday - 9.30am - 5.00pm

"I have been having various treatments with Rita now for about 10 years, from fillers to botox and chemical peels to thread treatments.  I have just had another amazing treatment called a PDO which is a technique with bi-directional cogs that lift the face leaving a younger looking face.  Rita is the ultimate professional at all times.  She alwas talks you through each treatment as she goes, to keep any nerves at bay.  Her clinic is a relaxing space to make you feel welcome.  If you need any type of cosmetic treatment Rita at Deja Vu Cosmetic Clinic is the place to go."

- Lynn -

"I just wanted to say thank you again I absolutely LOVE my lips! I've had almost no swelling and no bruising at all, I'm glad we went for the full 1ml. You are amazing at what you do and I will be booking in again in a few months for a top up. Have a lovely Christmas! thanks"

- Alex N -

"I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my treatment.  I look 10 years younger!!!!"

- Shelley H -

"I visited Rita today at her clinic.  The whole experience was truly wonderful and very simple and relaxing.  Rita was helpful, informative, professional and really knew her stuff.  the results of the derma filler treatments were truly amazing.  As a busy business owner and mother of three boys under 8 in my mid forties life is hectic.  It is easy to look tired when you need to look your best.  Rita has taken ten years off me I am a convert and would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone."

- Caroline L -

"I am so excited that I need to share this with everyone. Today Rita gave me a temple lift and tear trough ducts (eye bags). The difference it makes is not only immediate but it's amazing.   I am so pleased it has refreshed my whole face and made me look years younger.  If you want to look and feel fantastic then give this procedure a go. I will be going back for more soon.  Rita has become a good friend and I trust completely with my face, every time I visit I come away feeling great. She is so amazing. I also have botox and have had fillers in my cheeks and lips.  Thank you Rita for giving me my confidence and self esteem back. Not to mention all the compliments and being told how young I look by everyone."

- Cher -

"I have known Rita, for many years for for wrinkle reduction and filler cosmetic treatments and then more recently for help with migraines.  I had spent many years in pain with little relief, but after having wrinkle reduction in my forehead I am now pain free.  I now have regular appointments which have changed my life. I cannot thank Rita enough and recommend Déjà Vu Cosmetics to everyone

- Linda C -

"Thank you so much for your professional care and treatment for my  wrinkle reduction and lip fillers.   People say I look really well but they don't know why!  I look and feel great!"

- Elaine B -

"I have used Rita Ogden for three years and have tried several of her treatments, my favourite is her Wrinkle Reduction treatment which she has used on the upper and lower eye area, also in the forehead area which has benefitted me both cosmetically as well as getting rid of my cluster headaches."

- Caroline P -

"My life has now changed since having wrinkle reduction products injected into the sweat glands in my armpits. I now don’t have to throw shirts away every month, use half a bottle of deodorant, my armpits are completely dry. This life changing treatment is not cheap, but when you factor in the savings you make in shirts, deodorant etc and add that to the embarrassment you consistently experience which you can’t put a value on, the investment is cheap.  I would urge anyone to give this a go and watch how it changes your life.

- Corin P -

I have myself, undertaken procedures with Rita in Egypt, and will continue to do so, I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I have introduced her to other friends in Sharm and  all who see her are impressed with her standards, knowledge and applications.  Her results are outstanding!  A very impressed and happy Sue"

- Sue -

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